Combo Laser Cutting Machine

Smart Series

Combo Laser Cutting Machine - Smart Series

Product Technical Name: CNC Fibre Sheet & Tube Combo Laser Cutting Machine
Product Model Name: Smart Series

Our SMART Series Sheet and Tube Combo Machine offers Cost-Effective Solution,  low foot print would be the right option for you.

A highly sensitive and precise cutting head that meets your cutting needs. Numerous cutting process databases and stable machine tools

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As one classic model, the Smart Fibre Laser Cutting Machine is widely used in many common areas of our lives, such as the processing of stainless-steel kitchenware, storage cabinets, automobiles, construction, machineries, hydraulics etc.

Can handle both sheet and tubes in the same machine. Other than sheet profile, any complex profiles in Tube, Pipe or Channels can be achieved in the profiles like Round, Square, Rectangle, Oval, L Angle, C Channel, I Channel etc.

Cuts a wide range of metal plates, including stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanised sheet, electrolytic plate, brass, aluminium, various alloy plate, rare metal etc.


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