CNC Standalone Tube Laser Cutting

Tube Series

CNC Standalone Tube Laser Cutting Machines - Tube Series

Product Technical Name: CNC Fibre Tube Laser Cutting Machine
Product Model Name: Tube Series

The high speed fully automatic CNC tube laser cutting machine, which can cut tubes of various sizes and shapes like circle, rectangular, Oval, C Channel, I Channel etc., also to achieve multi-dimensional cutting with optimal choice for metal tube laser cutting.

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Standard 2 chuck / 3 Chuck

Product Usage & Application Areas

CNC laser tube cutting machine can cut, drill, kerf by laser, with an automatic control system, able to cut a complex shape in one shot, no reprocessing required after laser cut. Solution widely used in cutting varieties metal tube (carbon steel, stainless steel, low ally steel)

TP Series Tube Laser Cutting Machine is specifically designed for cutting high volume tubes or pipes & providing greater efficiency compared to conventional laser systems.


ModelsTube 6015
Processing Pipe Diameter16-220mm
Loading TypeManual/Semi-auto
Applicable MaterialsCarbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy
Max. Feeding Length of Pipe6100mm
Laser Power1000-3000W
Cutting HeadRaytools
SourceIPG / Raycus

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