CNC Laser Cutting - Smart Series

Smart Series

CNC Fibre Laser Cutting Machines

Product Technical Name: CNC Fibre Laser Cutting Machine
Product  Model Name: Smart Series

Smart series is the most cost-effective laser cutting machine including different power (1000-6000w). For any first time investors this is an ideal laser cutting Machine with affordable investment. Longer Sizes can also be provided against specific demands.

Product Specs

Product At Work

Product Features

All basic requirements like Single / Double Pallet, Open or Closed Body, Stand Alone Sheet or tube or combo

Product Usage & Application Areas

Cuts a wide range of metal plates, including stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet, electrolytic plate, brass, Aluminium, various alloy plate, rare metal etc.

Technical Specifications

Models30154015 - 40256015 - 60258015 - 8025
Cutting Range(mm)3000 x 15004000 x 1500 / 2000 /20156000 x 1500 / 2000 /20158000 x 1500 / 2000 /2015
Laser Power1000 W to 6000 W1000 W to 6000 W1000 W to 6000 W1000 W to 6000 W
Single Pallet open body
Double Pallet open body
Double Pallet Enclosure Body

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