3D 5Axis CNC Laser Cutting

Autobot Series

3D/5Axis CNC Laser Cutting Machines - Autobot Series

Product Technical Name: 3D / 5Axis / Robotic CNC Laser Cutting Machine 1-6kW
Product Model Name: Autobot Series

It is a kind of laser processing equipment specially developed for automobile hot forming parts. It mainly solves the problem of cutting holes and trimming hot-forming parts. It is characterized by high precision, fast speed and good dynamic performance.

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Aluminium beam, advanced heat treatment process, high strength, lightweight & good rigidity. Suitable for various metallic and non-metallic applications for the automobile industry, Hot Stamping, mould making and kitchenware.


AUTOBOT series 3d laser cutting machine
strokeX axis stroke3000mm
Y axis stroke1500mm
Z axis stroke600mm
A axis stroke±135°
C axis stroke±n×360°
precisionX/Y/Z axis positioning accuracy±0.03mm
X/Y/Z axis repeated positioning accuracy±0.02mm
A/C axis positioning accuracy0.03°
A/C axis repeated positioning accuracy0.01°
speedX,Y , Z axis maximum positioning speed90m/min
X,Y , Z axis maximum compound speed155m/min

Sample Pictures

Automobile Component
Automobile Component

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