RichCAM, Pune

RichCAM, Pune

Glad to announce that we have installed India’s first Chinese 5-axis CNC Laser cutting machine in RichCAM, Pune. The RichCAM is the prestigious Press Tool Manufacturing company. Providing valuable Tool room services since 2004. This is going to be the beginning of revolution in Indian hot stamping industry. The customer is completely satisfied with the services and extremely happy with the machine’s performance for the quality and finishing of the products, apart from the cost-saving.

Any complex laser cut profile can be achieved by using this 5-axis CNC laser-cutting machine. Widest among the few features like Dual Drive Structure, Siemens 804DSL Motors and drive, 360°Unlimited Continuous Rotation with an Acceleration of 3600°/s2 etc. make the HG 5 Axis CNC Laser Cutting highly efficient and stable performing machine. It can ensure long-term high speed, high precision, and stable cutting.

HG 5 Axis CNC Laser Cutting Machine offers

                                    HG Tech is first in the world in the year of 1971 to develop this industrial high-power laser cutting equipment. For over 50 years, HGTECH has been the world’s leading provider of both laser fabricating equipment and intelligent manufacturing solutions, as well as a key high-tech enterprise, leading organization, and undertaker for national laser standard formulation, while also participating in international standards. HG 5 Axis CNC Laser Cutting Machine has proven technology in the industry and offers a very reliable and cost-effective solution with low investment. The machine offers the lowest cost per component and, from various case studies, has proven to have the best cycle time for our customers.

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